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NHS 'Open for business' cancer materials - 06.05.2020

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a decrease in people accessing NHS services for a range of conditions that are not related to coronavirus.

This appears to be impacting, among others, cancer patients attending their ongoing treatments.

The NHS ‘Open for business’ campaign has been created to help address this issue by giving people permission to access NHS services and reassuring them that they won’t be a burden on the NHS. The campaign title ‘open for business’ is not used within the campaign messages.

The materials in this folder target cancer patients with messages that are relevant to their situation and condition.

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The aim of the NHS ‘Open for business’ campaign is to increase the number of people accessing NHS services for non-coronavirus medical issues when they have a medical need or have been instructed to.

Resources for download include:

  • Social media assets and post copy
  • High res posters/ press ads

Materials relating to the overarching campaign can be found here.

The zip folder was updated on 06.05.20 include high res posters/ press ads.

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