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Antivirals Recruitment

Antivirals Recruitment


A new public health campaign has launched calling on those eligible to join the hunt and participate in a new COVID-19 treatment study that will save lives. Antiviral treatments will be a vital tool to give more protection to people who are most at risk from Covid-19.

In partnership with the University of Oxford, it’s a world first opportunity to make a global impact and help save lives. The study is home-based, lasts for only 5 days, the antivirals are oral capsules and participants are free to withdraw at any time. Those eligible are people who have received a positive test for COVID-19 or feel unwell with symptoms that started in the last five days, as well as being over 50, or 18-49 with an underlying medical condition. We are urging potential participants to visit to check if they’re eligible and to find out how to sign up.

The UK-wide study, launched at the start of December 2021, needs thousands more to sign up as soon as possible to gather the data necessary. This will ensure medical experts can learn more about the potential benefits these treatments bring to vaccinated patients, and will help the NHS to develop plans for rolling out the antivirals to further patients later this year.

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